Instructor: H.M. Midgley

Phone: Office 468-1197 or leave a message at 468-4602

Email :

Office Hours: TBA

Office: Room 310 A Fine Arts Building., 3rd Floor inside the MIDI Lab

Class Time and Place : 1 P.M. Monday - FA 310

Class Goals: The goal of this class is for you to learn how to enjoy music by composing your own music with the use of music technology.

Texts: No text is required. The best way to learn about music technology is to get hands on experience.  All equipment manuals are available and you will learn through them while at a computer.

Journal Notebook: You will need to keep a notebook since technical explanations can be rather difficult to understand at first. You will also need the notebook to keep a record of the sounds you're using for your composition. The other purpose of Journal Notebook is so that you can keep a log of the lab hours that you work each week.

Class Attendance: I expect you to be present, and on time at all class meetings. Four unexcused absences will cut your final grade by one letter, five by two letters, etc. This includes lab sessions. You are responsible for all notes, power point presentations, recordings, films/videos presented in class.  Due the size of this class, no talking, sleeping, eating, reading newspapers during class will be tolerated.  All of these actives disrupt the educational process.  If these common courtesies are not observed, you will be invited to leave the class.


1) 4 CD-Rs to turn in your projects on or to take home and listen to after a session.

2)You will need one 3 1/2” disk for the MAC sequencer program and one or two of the same type for the Roland S-550. These are available in the bookstore.

3) Journal Notebook

Grading:                                                        Grading Scale:

Journal Notebook- 10%                                              90-100=A

Paper -10%                                                                 80-89   =B

CD Reviews-20%                                                       70-79   =C

Lab Hours Report – 10%                                            60-69   =D

Mid-Term -25%                                                          00-59   =F

Final Project- 25%

The Journal Notebook should contain any notes that you have taking during the semester from class room instruction.  It should also contain any thoughts that you have on the compositional process that you are using.  Also the Journal Notebook needs to have all of the lab hours that you have attended.  Remember that you need at least two hours a week of lab time. Please have all of you Journal Notebook entries have the date that they were written. 

The Mid-Term project will be a 2-5 minute composition.  It will be due the week of mid-term (March 4). The Final project will be a 3-10 minute composition will be due on the final (May 6) .  These projects should be original, composed and produced by you. You may want to collaborate with somebody else on another project, but the mid-term and the final project should be only one person's work. Frequently, some of you will get together and help each other and that's O.K. But I want to know that each of you understands how to operate the computer, the JV-30, the Peavy 8-channel mixer and, the S-550, and the Performer sequencing program on the MAC. You may also use your own equipment to do your projects, but make sure you use it in conjunction with the equipment in the lab.

Attendance & Lab-time: You will need to sign up for two or three hours of lab time per week. These two hours can be at any time that's convenient for you. After you've learned something about each piece of equipment, you might want to go over to another station when there is time and check out the other equipment. You will be using head phones while you work in the lab. They're very lightweight to help keep your neck from getting tired, but they're also quite fragile. I will generally be around to help you if you have any problems (and there will be quite a few at first) during your lab times. Don't hesitate to ask me for help. 

Please don't re-route (unplug, re-plug, de-plug, etc.) any equipment through the Mixer. The next person to use the lab will have no idea of what's going on. If you want to plug your own equipment into the mixer; there are some empty ports. You will need MONO 1/4" jacks to patch in. Be sure and unplug your equipment when you are finished each time and be careful not to knock anything over!

This class may be repeated for credit.

Students with documented disabilities who need course adaptations or accommodations please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

The syllabus may be amended at anytime due to the overall performance of the class.




Introduction to MIDI: internet Search on What is MIDI


Sequencer: Performer Basics


Sequencer: Performer Cut and Paste, Over Dub Recording


Sequencer: Performer Looping vs Cut and Paste


Sequencer: Performer Quantize, Midi Mixer


Sequencer: Performer Editing, Notation


Sequencer: Performer Step Time,  Mult Record


Midterm- Make MIDI files into MP3 using QuickTime Pro


Sequencer: Performer How to use MIDI files off the Web


Digital Recording: Protools Basics


Digital Recording: Protools Tracks, Recording


Digital Recording: Protools Mixing


Digital Recording: Protools Bounce a file to a CD


Digital Recording: Wav Editor, Change a Wav File


Digital Recording: Wav to a MP3


Paper: How can you use this Class in your life?


What did you learn from this Class?








Review of a CD –Feb 18


Mid Term Project – March 4


Review of another CD- April 8


Final Project – Due the Day of the Final


Paper – Due day of the Final


Notebook- Due day of Final


Lab Hours Report - Due day of Final