MTC 107 001, FALL 2002.

Instructor: H.M. Midgley

Phone: Office 468-1197 or leave a message at 468-4602

Email :

Office Hours: TBA

Office: Room 310 A Fine Arts Building., 3rd Floor inside the MIDI Lab

Class Time and Place : TBA

Class goals: The goal of this class is to help young composers with the craft of musical composition through score study, theme and variation composition and independent composition.

Texts: No text is required.

The Journal Notebook- It should contain any notes that you have taking during the semester from class room instruction. It is also a place for you to reflect on your progress in this class. You could write down what problems you are having, what sucesses you are having etc. This journal notebook will help you focus in on your goals in music.

Class Attendance: I expect you to be present, and on time at all meetings. Three unexcused absences will cut your final grade by one letter, four by two letters, etc. This includes lab sessions.


Journal Notebook

Grading Will Be on the Following: Grading Scale:

Mid-term composition - 30% 90-100=A

Final composition -60% 80-89 =B

Journal Notebook -10% 70-79 =C

60-69 =D

00-59 =F

The syllabus may be amended at anytime due to the overall performance of the class.

Students with documented disabilities who need course adaptations or accommodations please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.