Basic Guitar

MUS 141 001, Fall 2005

Instructor: H.M. Midgley

Phone: Office 468-1197 or leave a message at 468-4602

Office: Room 310 A Fine Arts Building., 3rd Floor inside the MIDI Lab

Email : Webpage:

Office Hours: TBA
Class Time and Place
: M-F 10:00-10:50 Room 170

Text: Bay, Mel, Guitar Class Method Volume I required
eMedia Guitar Method CD-Rom vol.1 or vol. 2 supplement

Materials: Guitar, Notebook, Pitch Pipe or Tuner and a Pick.

Class Goals: The goal of this class is for you to learn how to enjoy music by playing basic guitar.

Class Attendance: I expect you to be present, and on time at all class meetings. You may miss three classes unexcused without a penalty. On the fourth and each other unexcused absence I will lower your grade by one letter. If you are late to class three times, this will equal one unexcused absence. There will be a few unannounced daily quizzes that will average together and count as one major grade. No make-ups on these daily quizzes. You are responsible for all notes, power point presentations, recordings, films/videos presented in class. Due the size of this class, no talking, sleeping, eating, reading newspapers, text messaging or cell phone use during class will be tolerated. All of these activities disrupt the educational process. If these common courtesies are not observed, you will be invited to leave the class.

Grading:                                                                    Grading Scale:

Quizzes and Journal Notebook-10%                                     90-100 =A

Class participation - 10%                                                  80-89    =B

6 Performance and Written exams 10% each                          70-79    =C

Final exam - 20%                                                            60-69    =D

                                                                                    00-59    =F

Performance Exams- This is where you or a group plays a prepared piece for me or in front of the class.

Written Exams- These exams test your knowledge on music theory, notation and other important topics that are important to play guitar.

Final Exam- It will be part written and performance.

Quizzes- These will be either written or performance quizzes.

The Journal Notebook- It should contain any notes that you have taking during the semester from class room instruction. It is also a place for you to reflect on your progress in this class. You could write down what times you are practicing, what problems you are having, what successes you are having etc. This journal notebook will help you focus in on your goals in music. I will check this Journal Notebook at various times during the semester, so make sure that you bring it to class so that you do not lose any points! At the end of the semester, I will grade them, either during dead week or on the day of the final.

Class participation: You are required to participate in this class to show me what skills you are developing.

Quizzes and The Journal Notebook-                                               -10%

Class participation                                                                            -10%

6 Performance and Written exams                                                -60%

Final exam                                                                                         -20&__


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are having a problem in this class. Everyone is at a different level, so I will do my best to let everyone learn at his or her own rate. My job is to help you learn how to play guitar, read music notation and enjoy music. I will help you in any way to attain these goals.


I will cover new material week and give a test during dead week.

Students with documented disabilities who need course adaptations or accommodations please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

The syllabus may be amended at anytime due to the overall performance of the class.

Test Dates (This is subject to change if we are moving at a different rate than I have planned)

Note Reading                                September 16

Playing Test                                  September 30

Note Reading                                October 21

Playing Test                                  November 11

Song Writing Test                        November 28

Blues                                             December 6

Final Exam                                    Finals week

Student/Learning Outcomes: What students should know or be able to do as a result of this course:

1) Through the study of guitar, students will learn how to enjoy music by playing basic guitar compositions.

2) Through group performance projects, students will demonstrate the ability to perform for an audience.

3) Through group performance projects, students will demonstrate the ability to perform with other musicians.

4) The student will demonstrate the skill of reading music.

5) The student will demonstrate the skill of improvising with the blues scale.

6) The student will demonstrate the skill of composing a song.

7) The student will demonstrate the skill of playing both parts of a lead sheet.

8) The student will be encouraged to develop confidence in one's self.

9) The student will be encouraged to develop the skill of time management by practicing for class.

10) The student will be encouraged to develop computer skills to find guitar software and guitar tabs.