MUS 140 007, Spring 2002.

Instructor: H.M. Midgley
Phone: Office 468-1197 or leave a message at 468-4602
Office: Room 310 A Fine Arts Building., 3rd Floor inside the MIDI Lab
Office Hours: TBA
Class Time and Place
: 12:00-12:50 P.M.MWF - Room 160 (Music Recital Hall)
Text: Kerman, Joseph. Listen, 4th brief edition with the 3CDs and a notebook for your journal
Class Goals: The goal of this class is for you to appreciate western art music through listening to master compositions in the last 1000 years of western art music.
Class Attendance: I expect you to be present, and on time at all class meetings. You may miss three classes unexcused without a penalty. On the fourth and each other unexcused absence I will lower your grade by one letter. If you are late to class three times, this will equal one unexcused absence etc. Regular attendance is critical to your success in this course. You are responsible for all notes, power point presentations, recordings, films/videos presented in class. Due the size of this class, no talking, sleeping, eating, reading newspapers during class will be tolerated. All of these actives disrupt the educational process. If these common courtesies are not observed, you will be invited to leave the class.
Grading: Grading Scale:
Tests -60% (15% For Each Test) 90-100 =A
Recital Attendance - 25% 80-89 =B
Journal Notebook and Class Participation -5% 70-79 =C
Final exam or Project - 10% 60-69 =D
00-59 =F
Tests : There will be four test, not including the final, in this course. The test may be multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer or essay. There will be a listening part on all test.
Recital Attendance : You are required to attend at least five concerts given by the SFA's department of music. You will need to have the program punched twice and type a page review on the concert. The review should contain your thoughts on the concert.
Journal Notebook: You will need to keep a Journal Notebook for this class. This Journal Notebook will be a place that you will put down your thoughts on the new music that you are hearing. It will also be used for you to reflect upon the reading that I will assign you. The first few minutes of class, while I take roll, will be an additional time for you reflect on the reading or any questions or thoughts that you have arrived at from the reading, listening or the class room discussion. I will check this Journal Notebook at various times during the semester, so make sure that you bring it to class so that you do not lose any points! At the end of the semester, I will check them, either during dead week or on the day of the final.
Final or Project: The final will be comprehensive exam. The test may be multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer or essay.
Extra credit : Before each test I will do a review session and will allow extra credit by doing group work.
I will cover new material week and give a test during dead week.
Students with documented disabilities who need course adaptations or accommodations please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.
If you are having problems, please do not hesitate to contact me. I teach because I love sharing my knowledge with students and will try my best to help you.
Make-Up Test Policy:
Make-up test will only be given for excused reasons and at my convenience. If you are willing to work with me, I will work with you. You can not make-up a test for an Unexcused Absence.
Test Dates (This is subject to change if we are moving at a different rate than I have planned)
The Elements of music and The Baroque February 8
The Classic period March 6
The Romantic Era April 5
Modern Era May 6
Final Exam May 13 @ 1-3pm
The syllabus may be amended at anytime due to the overall performance of the class.